The View From The Big Chairs

(A little inside view of the life of Guillaume and Felinah)


Here are Guillaume and Felinah, Baron and Baroness of Calafia, both on the field and off.

When they took over these positions, they couldn’t understand why Talanque, the former Baron, passed on his coronet with a strange look of relief and sorrow, hope and apology and joy all at once.

Six years later, as they addressed the people of Calafia as baron and baroness one last time (seen here) they knew exactly what Talanque had felt in those final moments on the throne as they experienced relief at being able to escape the duties of the office, sorrow that they barony they’d tended so long could go on without them, hope that the new baron and baroness would be able to achieve all the things they hadn¹t been able to, and gratitude for one of the most wonderful and magical times of their lives.

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