“I Didn’t Expect An Inquisition”

Regular readers of “I Didn’t Expect An Inquisition” know that, each month, Guillaume’s by-line is presented with a new “nickname” inserted. Why? Well, to tell you the truth, no one knows, and even prescription pharmaceuticals can’t seem to solve the problem. So, until Guillaume’s therapist makes some progress, we’ll just have to put up with this odd, but harmless, multiple personality syndrome.

Here are some of the names which have popped up over the years:

Sir Guillaume …

“It’s Not A Fake Beard”
“Are You Gonna Eat That?”
“I’ll Just Use My Underwear As A Towel”
“Angel Of Death On My Hard Drive”
“Lord Of The Garden Squires”
“We’re Not Slobs! We’re Seasoned Campaigners!”
“Sweating Is Not An Art”
“Harsh Haircuts”
“Medieval Milk Monitor”
“My Lutafisk Tastes Like Surfboard Wax”
“Momentarily Misconcepted”
“The Horse Ate My Cheeseburger”
“Kingdom Of The Vegetarian Hindu Mesopotamians”
“Emily! Don’t Pour Juice In Your Ear!”
“Flour Of Chivalry”
“Heraldry Is Like Organic Chemistry”
“Unwilling Accomplice To Fashion”
“Hamster Of Bodargan”
“Did Astra Just Call The King ‘Buster’?”
“The Frothy Topping On The Cappuccino Of Chivalry”
“The Most Important Part Of The Banana”

… de la Belgique


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