For The One Whose Favor I Bear

(A little inside view of the life of Guillaume and Felinah)


After discovering that Guillaume and Felinah had arranged a “clandestine marriage,” King Edric and Queen Albra threatened to seize their baronial lands (and turn the barony over to the Baron of Gyldenholt for “safe keeping”) if the two did not publicly exchange vows.

After proving himself worthy of a woman of Felinah’s standing (with some help and exaggeration from his squires), Guillaume offered his wedding vows before the King and Queen:

I, Guillame, take you, Felinah To be the wife of my days, the companion of my home, the friend of my life To guide, support and love you, in words and in silence So that you may become all that you wish to be, And that together we may share life’s joys, overcome its sorrows and fathom its mysteries.

Afterward, the two exchange a kiss as the populace rejoices ‹ mostly because they were saved from being governed by the ruthless Baron of Gyldenholt.

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