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Halloween Customs from the Discount Shelf of Erin’s Aisle (Medieval Irish Folklore of All Hallow’s Eve)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2003 Scott Farrell) The sun is slipping towards the horizon a mite earlier these days, the night wind has a chill nip to it and there’s the pungent scent of cow manure on the breeze. All of that likely means the days of autumn and harvest tide are upon us, or that we’re camping at Caid’s Great Western War. (Or, possibly both … ) Yes, my children, it’s time once... read more

Some Knights To Remember (Chivalric Literature for the Common Fighter)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2003 Scott Farrell) Recently, Felinah and I were having dinner with Baroness Kyriath. While dinner discussions between the three of us — and by “three of us” I mean “Felinah and Kyriath” — often involve subjects like “blood-sucking insects,” “medieval torture instruments,” or “parasitic diseases of the brain,” this evening’s conversation was... read more

A Fighter’s Guide to the Arts (or, Flying Buttresses and Flaming Goldfish)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2003 Scott Farrell) Throughout the Middle Ages, knights and warriors were seen as thuggish, tax-collecting morons who did nothing but consume huge quantities of meat and expel various bodily gasses in between tournaments and wars. This perception was prevalent among the serfs and vassals, who generally kept such views to themselves because of a complex political and... read more

Happy New Year — Viking Style! (Or: Party Hats at the End of the World)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2004 Scott Farrell) Daily life in the Middle Ages was fraught all sorts of dangers — disease, injuries, rabid wolves, windburn, disco music, chupacabras, waxy yellow build-up, and bunions, just to name a few. Fortunately, with the help and encouragement of the medieval church, the people were able to put aside these petty concerns in order to focus on the one event... read more

An American Knight in an English Castle (Or: Battles, Seiges and a Drip in the Loo)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2004 Scott Farrell) For nearly 20 years I have been a part of the Current Middle Ages. During that time, however, my only contact with the actual, historical Middle Ages has been watching the motion picture “The Warlord” starring Charlton Heston, who, as you know, began his acting career shortly after the signing of the Magna Carta. So, to avoid the risk of being... read more

Real Knights — Real Chivalry (Or: If They Were So Genteel, How Come They Had Swords?)

Reprinted from the Summer, AS XXXIX edition of the Ars Caidis. Back issues are available on the publication’s webpage – contact the editor for details. Note: Number links in the text will pop up a box with a corresponding footnote. Extra note for fighters: “Footnotes” provide details about the book or article that the noted information was taken from. They do not have anything to do... read more

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