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Happy New Year — Viking Style! (Or: Party Hats at the End of the World)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2004 Scott Farrell)   Daily life in the Middle Ages was fraught all sorts of dangers — disease, injuries, rabid wolves, windburn, disco music, chupacabras, waxy yellow build-up, and bunions, just to name a few. Fortunately, with the help and encouragement of the medieval church, the people were able to put aside these petty concerns in order to focus on the one... read more

The View From The Big Chairs

(A little inside view of the life of Guillaume and Felinah)   Here are Guillaume and Felinah, Baron and Baroness of Calafia, both on the field and off. When they took over these positions, they couldn’t understand why Talanque, the former Baron, passed on his coronet with a strange look of relief and sorrow, hope and apology and joy all at once. Six years later, as they addressed the people... read more

For The One Whose Favor I Bear

(A little inside view of the life of Guillaume and Felinah)   After discovering that Guillaume and Felinah had arranged a “clandestine marriage,” King Edric and Queen Albra threatened to seize their baronial lands (and turn the barony over to the Baron of Gyldenholt for “safe keeping”) if the two did not publicly exchange vows. After proving himself worthy of a woman of... read more

The Chronicles of the Chepstow Tournament

As some of you know, 2005 was truly an experience of “a dream come true” for me. As a celebration of my 40th birthday, my dear wife, Felinah, arranged for me (and 12 of my most tenacious friends) to have a tournament in Chepstow castle — the home of William Marshal. It was a great experience — not just the tournament, but the whole journey. I wish I could share all my stories with everyone on this... read more

“I Didn’t Expect An Inquisition”

Regular readers of “I Didn’t Expect An Inquisition” know that, each month, Guillaume’s by-line is presented with a new “nickname” inserted. Why? Well, to tell you the truth, no one knows, and even prescription pharmaceuticals can’t seem to solve the problem. So, until Guillaume’s therapist makes some progress, we’ll just have to put up with this odd,... read more

Living the Lessons of the SCA (After the First Cup of Coffee)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2002 Scott Farrell) One of the most difficult parts of being in the SCA comes on Monday morning, when it’s time to put the cloaks and bodices back in the closet, clear the armor out of the car (although some fighters don’t bother to do that; they just drive around with their wet gamebesons fermenting in the trunk like some kind of portable gourmet mushroom... read more

A Challenging Proposal (one of Guillaume’s most famous articles)

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2003 Scott Farrell) I was in my pavilion at the last tournament when Felinah, after fighting about 1,300 challenge fights, sat down next to me with sweat actually dripping out of the ends of her hair, and said, “I’m exhausted! I had to turn away those last five fighters who wanted to challenge me. I just couldn’t hold my shield up any more.” Sipping my... read more

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