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A Message from the BIG GUY

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique It has been more than two years since my first book, “We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume!” was published, and this website was opened to the public. Since that time, nearly 2,000 copies of my books and CDs have sold, and I have had the honor of signing books at events from Estrella to Pennsic, and meeting many of the “regular readers” of my work. Many of the people I... read more

Guillaume’s Twelfth Night Gift Guide

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique (©2005 Scott Farrell) T’is the night before Christmas, and all through the castle, there are no gifts to be found, ’cause even in the Current Middle Ages, shopping is a big ol’ hassle. Those timeless words are sure to be uttered many times in the next few days, as friends, relatives and other well-meaning acquaintances look for the perfect gift for someone they know... read more

Guillaume plays King Arthur inCamelot on DVD

It’s Finally Here!!! Camelot: The Musical on DVD Starring Sir Guillaume as King Arthur read more