Camelot: The Musical (with Sir Guillaume as King Arthur) (DVD) – $29.95

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$29.95 + s&h


A two-disc DVD set – nearly three hours of entertainment for the whole family.

A professional stage production full of comedy, romance and music — the portrayal of the Round Table that made us all fall in love with the Middle Ages, starring one of the Current Middle Age’s most famous knights!

For two weeks in July 2006, the American Rose Theatre in Poway, Calif., staged a professional production of Lerner & Lowe’s famous Broadway musical, Camelot. At the helm was award-winning director Loren Salter, who began his casting search by looking for someone who could play the world’s most famous king with an “air of authenticity.” By pure coincidence, Mr. Salter happened to be sitting in on a presentation on medieval armor given by Sir Guillaume at a writers’ conference … and the rest is history!

Now you can enjoy this professional DVD production of Camelot in your home entertainment center, or on your laptop computer. For SCA members who love King Arthur and the stories of the Round Table, there is perhaps no other version of Camelot that brings these characters to live so vividly.

And what could be more fun than settling down to watch this DVD with friends or family members, then being able to point at the screen and say, “I know that guy!”?

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DVD $29.95 + s&h


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