For Our New Visitors: Hail and well met!

With more and more kingdom newsletters running Guillaume’s syndicated columns, we’re delighted to welcome new readers to this website from across the Known World. We hope you are ready to explore the SCA through a whole new perspective — which means, we hope you have a little irreverence, a lot of patience and a rather warped sense of humor. Guillaume’s writing is definitely “unique.”

Pleased To Meet You

Let us introduce you to Sir Guillaume and Baroness Felinah – on the day of their wedding, no less.

Felinah is the cute one; Guillaume is the one who looks like the cheesy bad-guy in every Robin Hood movie you’ve ever seen.

What You’ll Find Here

If you would like to read some (or some more) of Sir Guillaume’s humorous writings about life in the SCA, you have come to the right place. Excerpts are available on the Product page for each book, or take a look at Freebies and you can enjoy several stories — including several complete articles you won’t find anywhere but on this website. If you purchased one of Guillaume’s books and/or CDs at a recent tourney or war, we hope you’re enjoying them. If you want to buy more of Guillaume’s products, just follow this link to the SirGuillaume.com store.

But Wait, There’s More!

Don’t Miss This: Two collectors’ books are now available exclusively through SirGuillaume.com — “Calafia Remembers” and “Calafian Meditations.” Quantities are limited — visit the product pages for more details. Guillaume’s book “This Sovereign Stage,” reflections on the drama of the passing of the Crown, is also still available.

Some of Guillaume’s (Rare) Serious Thoughts can be found at his “other” website, Chivalry Today.

For the More Discerning Reader: Discover some interesting articles, research papers, class outlines and poems by Felinah in the blog..


For more of Guillaume’s writing (as well as some stuff by a guy named “Scott Farrell”) check out these links:

  • The Pennsic Independent: When Sir Guillaume attends Pennsic (the SCA’s largest annual event), he often contributes to the daily on-site newspaper – the Pennsic Independent. Typically, they include a series of short, humorous articles written on-site letting you see Pennsic XXXI through the eyes of the most irreverent war correspondent in the Known World, along with a variety of reports from battles, A&S classes and the most infamous Pennsic parties. When Pennsic is happening, follow along online at: www.PennsicIndependent.com
  • Giggles & Grins: Need a good laugh? (And who doesn’t?) Laughter, humor and comedy in all forms is exactly what this site is devoted to. Enjoy Scott Farrell’s hilarious story of his trip to a winter wonderland and the resulting visit to the osteopathic surgeon – and lots of other funny stories, cartoons, e-cards and “silly stuff.” www.GigglesNGrins.com
  • Chivalry Today: A thoughtful examination of the Code of Chivalry and its place in the 21st century, from business and politics to school and personal relationships. You’ll find dozens of articles, quotes and ideas to help you discover (or re-discover) the value of the Seven Knightly Virtues in today’s world. www.ChivalryToday.com
  • Troynovant: This site presents a wide variety of essays, commentary and book reviews, including several by Scott Farrell, and an “introduction to the SCA” by Sir Guillaume (The owner, noted SF author Robert Franson, lives in San Diego, and recently discovered the SCA himself). See Sir Guillaume’s contributions (essays and commentaries) by scrolling down just a bit to Farrell, Scott, on this page – www.Troynovant.com