A Message from the BIG GUY

By Sir Guillaume de la Belgique

It has been more than two years since my first book, “We Are Not Amused, Sir Guillaume!” was published, and this website was opened to the public. Since that time, nearly 2,000 copies of my books and CDs have sold, and I have had the honor of signing books at events from Estrella to Pennsic, and meeting many of the “regular readers” of my work.

Many of the people I have had the opportunity to speak with have offered me their gratitude for being “their voice” — they have said that I’ve expressed things about the SCA that they have been unable to say, thoughts on friendship, community, chivalry, honor and tradition, as well as the humor and fun that are so much a part of the Society.

But, from my perspective, this seems a little backwards. Every month, I have the opportunity to come into your homes, to share some time with you, and to give back a little bit of the energy and creativity that you have shared with me during my time in the Society. Whenever I’m at a tourney or war, it seems like I’m the one who should be saying “thanks.”

So, here’s my chance to tell you how much I have appreciated your support, your encouragement and your laughter over the years. It’s people like you who give me the inspiration to sit down at the keyboard and explore the wonderful, witty, wacky world of the SCA. I can truly say, I couldn’t have done any of this without my “fans.”

Now, I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy some of the new and “classic” material on the website. Thanks for stopping by …


Guillaume would also like to share this touching message:

“Please buy my books and CDs!”

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  1. Shayne Lynch April 26, 2013 at 12:24 am #

    It is easy to be a fan when you and Felina are such nice personable people. I walked the kingdoms at Pennsic a number of years ago gathering signatures to bring the White Scarf to Lochac. Caid was one of the nice stops, with people making me welcome, refreshed, and not burdening me with Pennsic Politics.

    I would have bought the books anyway, but meeting the people from the stories was a highlight of the war.

    Francois Guyon.

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